social performer

Social Performer” is the third album by Austrian producer and songwriter Tobias Koett. Following the release of “Good Vids, Vile Times,” which was nominated for the Austrian Music Award in the ‘Best Sound’ category, Koett returns with a unique blend of melancholic electronic pop songs, contemporary production, and playful analog sound design.

The concept album, written in Berlin, delves deep into the psychological depths of breakups and the resulting feelings of powerlessness. With a fragile sensitivity and authenticity, Koett addresses emotional lows and their impact on one’s social life. Driving minimalist drum machines meet playful yet dark sound design. Vocal modulations and autotune blend with dynamic analog instrumentation.

“Social Performer” challenges conventions while embracing them with familiar warmth, remaining in the ear but compelling multiple listens—pop, without aiming to be just pop.

All songs on “Social Performer” were written, composed, produced, and mixed by Tobias Koett.