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Musicvideo Quotes:

The video for “Good News” is – similar to the song itself – dealing with the overload of impressions and information we’re all exposed to, in a very symbolic and surreal way. It shows the transformation we go through with our social media addiction. The overload of impressions is leaving us numb in the end.

The setting is an abstract landscape, free from any outside influences. More and more, disruptions appear in the form of faceless figures while the overload is literally raining from the sky.

When I wrote “Good News”, I was paying close attention to the overwhelming amount of information available to me at all times, and its social effect on me as a human being. I consider myself part of the first globally connected generation, understanding humanity as one. At the same time, I can’t fail to notice how I’m often too overwhelmed by endless possibilities, slowly turning into kind of a superficial nihilist.


Artist: Ant Antic
Title: Good News
Format: Single (Digital)
Cat.-No.: WOPS004
Production: Tobias Koett & Marco Kleebauer
Lyrics: Tobias Koett
Artwork: Erli Grünzweil
Mixing: Tobias Koett
Mastering: Nikodem Milewski (MbNM)
Publishing: Matches Music Publishing
Release Date: 10 April 2020
EAN: 4251804101103
Track list: 1. Good News – 03:16
(ISRC: ATDQ92050002)
Musikvideo ISRC: AT0832000001
© & ℗ 2020 Whoop